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        Welcome to Zhejiang Youchuang Material Technology Co.,Ltd Website!
        Cultural concept
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        The company's quality, environmental, occupational safety and health policy:

        People-oriented, quality first, cleaner production, harmonious development
        People-oriented: In order to meet the needs of people (customers), the development of enterprises depends on the quality of people (employees); the production process of enterprises must ensure the health of people (employees and related parties).
        Quality first: Quality is the life of an enterprise. Without quality, enterprises cannot survive and cannot develop.
        Cleaner production: comply with national and local laws and regulations and other requirements, implement source reduction, process control and recycling of production processes, meet emission standards, and improve environmental performance.
        Harmonious development: strive to achieve expansion of output, high quality, advanced technology, energy saving, friendly environment, employee health, satisfaction of all parties, and social harmony.
        This policy is issued as a guide for the establishment and operation of the company's quality management system, environmental management system, and occupational safety and health management system.

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