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        Welcome to Zhejiang Youchuang Material Technology Co.,Ltd Website!
        R & D
        R&D and Production
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        R&D and Production dept.are composed of engineers and technician which having plenty theoretical and practice experience.Equipped with lab,pilot workshop and industrial workshops.We take pride in synthesis of new product from lab to industrial according to customers' requirement.
        50 reactors: SS reactors from 1 Lto 7000L GL reactors from 50L to 8000L .Titanium reactors from 1L to 3000L ,Pressure range: -0.098Mpa-9.8Mpa
        Temperature range: -19 ℃ -250 ℃ 5 sets of distillation and rectifaction system:
        Pressure range:3mmHg to normal pressure
        Temperature:<250 ℃
        Solid-liquid separation equipments:centrifuge,plate and framepress filter
        Drying equipment:double cone dryer,fluid-bed dryer




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