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        Welcome to Zhejiang Youchuang Material Technology Co.,Ltd Website!
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        Health,Safety and Environmental
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        Zhejiang Youchuang Material Technology CO.,Ltd is committed to the safe handling of chemicals,utilizing processes for protection of our employees and the environment.Our operations personnel are welleducated and complete a structured training program at induction.To ensure safe operation,all processes undergo a safety audit prior to scale-up.
        All wastes are pretreated prior to discharge to the local municipality waste treating center.
        We try our best to coordinate the growth of company with health,safety and environmental.


        Contact us
        • Tel: +86-575-84817945 84815521
        • Fax: +86-575-84815521 84817949
        • LINK MAN:Manager Wei
        • E-mail: lhfc@lhfc.sina.net
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